Sunday, June 27, 2010


Joe Biden is the gift that keeps on giving. He's such an amusing fellow, especially when he's not trying to be. Vanity is the root of his comedy. I mean, just look at him. He was one of the trailblazers who got hair plugs back in the early 80's. And his face has that smiling pig look from too much cosmetic surgery around the eyes (see Greta Van Sustern). His capped teeth throw off such an obnoxious glare that one has to avert one's eyes from his smarmy smile. Such vanity engenders his self-delusion that he is smarter than everyone else when obviously he's not. The only thing worse than being dumb is being dumb and loud. The guy's a classic blowhard. That he's become a national joke for statements that are inappropriate, inaccurate, idiotic doesn't deter him from blowing hard on his little kuzu.

Joe was at it again this weekend while campaigning in Wisconsin for Russ Feingold. (I guess only sure-thing candidates like Feingold are willing to take the risk of Joe stumping for them.) While on the trail, Joe and Russ with entourage strolled into Kopp's Frozen Custard Shop. That the place serves only frozen custard didn't stop Joe from ordering an ice cream. Anyway, after getting a cone, Joe asked the manager what he owed him. You know Joe, being a notorious cheapskate, fully expected the cones for him and his convoy would be freebies. The store manager said that the cones were gratis but with a proviso that Biden lower taxes. This, as the pedantic Obama likes to say, turned out to be a "teachable moment."

The scowl that Joe gave at such an insolent suggestion was priceless. You could see him thinking, What nerve this plebe has to ask that his taxes be lowered. Later on Joe said to the guy, "Hey, can't you say something nice instead of being a smart ass all the time?" There you have it, folks, the attitude that people like Obama and Joe have towards "the little guys" who might want to have some tax relief: "What, you got to be kidding me! What are you, some kind of smart ass?" Thank God for the Internet so that we can see these unscripted, spontaneous moments when politicians for once speak the truth, albeit accidentally. Just like Obama's "we wanna spread it around" comment to Joe the Plumber, Biden's comment at Kopp's Custard Shop reveals much more than any hour long speech delivered by teleprompter ever will.


Anonymous said...


That guy should have just taken that soft serve right back out of Joe's hand.

Emma in Memphis

Nick Goreman said...

Hey Stillman...the guy is such a douche bag. I'll be in Memphis this Sat July 17th. Doing a book signing at Davis Kidde. Drop by if you are around.