Monday, January 17, 2011


Okay, it's a new year, and all the drinking, eating, partying is over. Time to get back to reality and refocused. The good news is that there's more of pounds to be exact.

Unfortunately, the New Year opened with the shooting of congresswoman Giffords and murder of six citizens. But before the dead bodies were cold, the rantings and ravings began to arise from the usual Leftie loonie bins, i.e., The New York Times, MSNBC, Bill Mahr, Huffington Post, ABC, NBC, CBS. Before any investigation had even commenced, these sleuths already had within their mental grasp the culprit, the murderer, namely "hateful rhetoric" issuing forth from conservatives. Elementary, my dear Watson.

Before anyone knew anything about that creepy, smirking lunatic who pulled the trigger, people like Paul Krugman already knew what had gone on inside the haunted fun house that is Jared Loughner's mind. Roll the tape as Krugman imagines it: Yes, I saw it, saw it with my own eyes on Sarah Palin's PAC website...a cross hair gun sight over Giffords' district. Mother Sarah was sending a secret message just to me, to my eyes only: Giffords must die! Oh yeah, Giffords tried to disguise herself as some sort of conservative, with all her phony anti-abortion talk and her gun rights bullshit. But those were all lies, lies, damn lies, I tell you! She signed her own death warrant by voting for Obamacare. Okay, to her credit, she did oppose the public option; but that is not enough to save her life. The Lord of Darkness, Rush Limbaugh, has signed her death warrant. And Mother Palin is sending messages on her PAC website, which I of course have read a thousand times over, that I have been chosen as exectioner. All we have to do is start killing Democratic congress people, even allegedly conservative ones like Giffords, and Republicans will not only be the majority but the totality of the House. Halleleuja! Praise the Lord and pass the ammo!

Of course, the more we learn about Mr. Loughner, we see that he had no political axe to grind, evinced no interest in politics, and never mentioned or talked about Sarah Palin to his friends or in his personal notes. Moreover, his obsession with Giffords started over three and half years ago, before Palin was selected as John McCain's running mate. There is not political context to this act of insanity. But still liberals soldiered on through the No Man's Land know as the truth. How many times did you see that map with the cross hairs lifted from Palin's web site? Who do you think George Stephanopoulos and Christiane Amanpour were referring to when on the morning after the shooting they kept coming back to "vitriolic speech" and "hateful rhetoric" by "certain groups" as contributing to an environment that inspires citizens to kill their congress people? Do you think they were referring to all those pundits and politicians who called George W. Bush a nazi, a traitor, a mass murderer, a criminal? Does anyone remember that movie that came out a couple of years ago that depicted an assassination of Bush...while he was still in office! At Cannes, the critics called it provocative and daring. I don't remember George and Christiane declaiming against it as over-the-line, outrageous, dangerous, vitriolic or hateful.

Don't you know that the leading lights of liberalism were praying, hoping, keeping their fingers, toes and even eyes crossed, that the killer would turn out to be a charter member of the Tea Party? These perverse fantasies were stoked the very day of the shootings when the County Sheriff pronounced that "vitriol" and "hateful speech" (there we go again, just as programmed) by "certain individuals"--wink, wink, nod, nod--had something to do with this ghastly, horrible event. Turns out the Sheriff is a Democratic Party hack who had gotten pissed off because a lot of people, including conservatives, thought he wasn't doing enough about illegal aliens invading the county. Wouldn't you think that as a lawman his first mission should have been to focus on the crime, collect evidence, find out if others were involved, learn all he could about Loughner, before he started making political statements?

If America's Left Wing were an army, it would be beating a hasty retreat, looking like the decimated Iraqi Army strewn across the highway to Baghdad at the end of the First Gulf War, littering the political landscape in mouldering, smoldering ruins. After Obama got elected, they rose in triumph and proceeded on the long march to the Commanding Heights of American politics. But then came the counter attack in November and devastation. Barely holding on to their last redoubts, the Left saw the tragedy in Tuscon as a chance to retake lost territory. They could use this tragedy to their advantage, finally give the Tea Party its comeuppance. What a nightmare the Tea Party is, a grass roots populist uprising totally upsetting the political order, achieving a real revolution much like liberals have only dreamt about over the decades. Liberals hate the Tea Party because it's genuine, a spontaneous eruption; it's made up mostly of middle class people who are supposed to buy into their soak-the-rich/big government policies; and it's peaceful despite all attempts to paint it as a violent, lunatic fringe. Trying to tie the Giffords incident to the conservative movement was their Pickett's Charge, a desperate frontal assault across wide open territory. They got mowed down.

The great majority of Americans saw this charge for what it is, a despicable, cynical use of a tragedy for political gain. The attempt to label certain viewpoints and opinions, such as big government is bad, as "crazy" and "dangerous" smacks of the old Soviet way of conveniently disposing of dissidents into insane asylums. (A totatlitarian streak often lurks beneath Lefisit thinking...but that's a topic for another time.)

I don't think Liberals realize how much credility they've lost over the past two weeks. Those who have tried to tie political thought and speech to this shooting look either obtuse or cynical, for they either believe that contrary to all evidence that Loughner was politically motivated or they don't really believe that but think the event affords the opportunity to score politcal points. Either way, the 2012 election will be a time of reckoning for them.

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